Revolutie in Tanzania - Magufuli pakt door (vervolg - week 34)

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WEEK 34 2016


In the news about the miraculous way to prosperity in Tanzania


Aug 27th 2016

Economics: Tanzania aims to become the first in oil and natural gas exploitation in East Africa in ten years. Since the sector is new in the country, we intend to have at least 500 trained experts in the area of oil and natural gas in 10 years' time. (Daily News)

Aug 30th 2016

Press freedom: Two privately owned stations Radio stations, Five and Magic FM are ordered to cease broadcasting immediately. The stations had broadcast "seditious" material that could incite the public and disturb the peace.  It is suspected the ban is connected to the ban of the  demonstration planned by the opposition on Sept 1th.

Aug 31th 2016

Democracy: Tanzania's main opposition party on Wednesday postponed for a month promised protests against what it says are anti-democratic actions by President John Magufuli. Earlier this month police banned political party meetings saying they incite violence after four police officers were killed in a shootout outside a bank in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.


The Council of Political Parties (CPP) - an advisory arm of the Registrar of Political Parties,  stands accused of dilly-dallying and letting the situation get out of hand after it pushed back a crucial meeting that could have brought together CCM, Chadema and the other key stakeholders before September 1 tomorrow - the day the opposition has code-named 'Defiance Day' (Citizen)

Aug 31th 2016

Discussion: From the unresolved political issues in Zanzibar to the unfolding drama in the Mainland, Tanzanian diaspora have weighed in on the raging debate - is the country touted as one of the few shining examples of democracy and stability in the continent headed in the right direction? (The Citizen)

Aug 31th 2016

Tax: A total of 1,354 appeals worth over 4 trillion/- ($ 2 billion)  have been filed by tax payers for the past 15 years at the Tax Revenue Appeals Tribunal (TRAT) against Value Added Tax (VAT), income tax and custom duty. The Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning, Dr Ashatu Kijaji, said such appeals do not include cases worth 443 million US dollars. The deputy minister explained that there were 440 appeals pending and 914 appeals have been disposed (Daily News)

Sep 1th 2016

Corruption: President John Magufuli has at one point considered printing new currencies in a bid to win fight against corruption.  According to Bank of Tanzania currencies in circulation were 4.13tri/- ($ 2 billion) at the end of May 2016. (Daily News)

Sep 3th 2016

Law enforcement: Tanzania's Land Act No. 4 of 1999 explicitly states that no foreigner can own land in the country. Foreign users of land are given rights of occupancy for periods of 33, 66 and 99  for investment purposes only. [this law was already existing; all land in Tanzania is owned by the government, right of use is given by title deeds, also for citizens]


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